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Sani-Master™ Matting, Extendable Mat that Cleans, Sanitizes and Dries shoes. Used in the food industry, Entrances of Kin...

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Gripwalker™ Non Slip Wet Room Floor Mats, Anti-Microbial treated materials prevents growth of fungi or bacteria and pr...

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Can be Fully Customized with BrilliantStep™ state-of-the-Art Printing technology Allowing 3-dimensional effects, fine li...

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Heavy Duty Cushion made of 100 % Nitrile Fire Retardant Rubber compound. Slip Resistance, Oil resistant, For Industrial ...

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Extreme heavy duty cellular core overlap ground protection mat. Designed for use as Trackways or Work Pads in the most e...

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Standard Heavy Duty Work Pads. 18-Gauge CR Steel Material 9’8” x 8’2” x 1.5”   (2500 x 3000 x 38mm) with a load capacit...

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Load capacity of up to 120 tons*. Unique chevron traction surface for maximum grip. Ideal for use as Temporary Work Pad...

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Load Capacity up to 60 tons, Temporary road mat prevent damage to grass and soil from vehicles and pedestrian traffic. M...

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Medium duty mat with diamond cleat tread, Aggressive diamond cleat tread ideal for heavy vehicle traffic, Rugged, durabl...

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Diamond Flex Notrax Anti-Fatigue Mat Black/Yellow. 97 x 163 cm, 102cm x 163cm. For placement in manufacturing plants, a...

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Anti-Fatigue Properties and Anti-Slip Gritted Structure Surface, Thickness 12.7 mm. Specially Designed for Food Industry...

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Slip-Resistant Surface, Reversible For Long Service Life, Low Profile for Easy Cart Access and Lightweight to Facilitate...

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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Research shows anti-fatigue mats can significantly improve productivity and employee satisfaction while reducing chronic illnesses related to long-term standing.

NoTrax is known as a pioneer in anti-fatigue matting design and manufacturing. Anti-fatigue mats help ease leg, foot, and lower back fatigue and pain.

Our anti-fatigue mats are produced from industrial-grade materials and suitable in any commercial environment, including industrial, office, retail, laboratory, and pharmaceutical. 


Non-Slip Mats Help Prevent Slips and Falls

We offer safety flooring mats are an ideal and affordable solution to safeguarding your facility from the dangers of moisture while making sure that employees or guests stay secure on their feet.

 Every type of floor, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, can benefit from rubber traction mats.

Mats are manufactured in various materials and compounds. Anti-slip matting comes in standard sizes for all workstations; custom configurations are also available. 


Electrical Mats for Safety

If your workplace heavily features electrical systems — especially if there are live conductors or the risk of accidental contact — then you are required by law to use insulating electrical mats.

We also offer a range of anti-static mats to help keep delicate electrical equipment safe.


Disinfectant Mats

Shoe Disinfectant Mats

Our sanitizing footbath mats clean and disinfect shoes and boots, making them ideal for entrances and exits to sterile environments.



Drainage and Non-Slip Kitchen Floor Mats

Food Service Mats

Food service mats are designed to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for personnel in restaurants and eateries.

These mats feature an anti-slip construction that will work to reduce workplace slips and falls. For wet environments, food service mats often incorporate drainage holes that allow water and grease to drain easily.

Many foodservice mats also feature anti-fatigue properties that will reduce injuries that result from remaining stationary for long periods of time.

For coolers and freezers that can become wet and slippery for staff, foodservice mats with a cold-resistant construction are ideal.

Protects against breakage of falling objects


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