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Optimizing workflow is becoming the daily task of every company. Salesbridges has been developing and introducing smart solutions to support our customers to overcome these challenges. Our material handling products are being used in most advanced and modern workplace sites across Europe bringing safe and fast operations with high cost-efficiency.

The steel dumping containers of Salesbridges are the safe and easy way to handle a large volume of material from one place to another. Ideal for transporting, sorting and dumping heavy loads and are used in a variety of industries and production lines like green houses, processing of metal, wood and plastic products, recycling, food and chemical industry. 

Our Huge selection of products provides you with endless possibilities for smart operation on sites. Here you will discover the best practice of our self-dumping containers, difference between the models, sizes, features and how they can be easily operated effortless and time saving.


There are 3 main types of forklift steel containers or hoppers; the classic 4 wall container with dumping mechanism, the drop bottom container and the shovel or scoop type. Of course there is the classic German design construction container that is operated on construction site with the help of the crane that we will discuss later on in this blog.



Starting with the typical or most used containers known as tipper container, self-dumping container, chip container or hopper for forklift: Excellent center load gravity, perfectly balanced to roll over when loaded after dumping material completely, the hopper is returned to upright and locked position ready for reloading the forklift to provide easy transport allows easy one man operation from his seat. Volumes are: 150L, 250L 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, 750L, 900L, 1000L, 1100L, 1250L, 1500L, 1600L, 2500L.


The models are as following:

Mini (Low Height), U-Shape, Light, V-shape, Automatic Roll Over. 

These buckets are usually used to move material from one place and dump it in large container or another location. Filling it can be done through production line feeder or belt, by hand, silo or by machine. The emptying process is by pulling a cord so the mechanism dump the waste in the desired containment location. 2 types of discharging: Pulling cord, then rear mechanism will wilt the container or automatically by bumping the bottom front mechanism.   

Automatic Roll Over  Bump & Dump

Application :

Usually used for dumping scrap material into a dumpster or other container. These low-cost unit are designed for forklift helping to collect store and transport concrete, metal, plastic, glass, sand and stone. 

2 ways to operate the dumping and release the Hopper:

1- By releasing the content hand free with bump and dump feature. The Hooper automatically dumps when the bumper release contacts with the side of the dumpster after the hooper dumps the material it return automatically to its upright lock position. 

2- The other way the fork truck operator can pull a cable while seated position in the cab of the truck. 

It can be fitted with lid and wheels of any type for all grounds. To know more about wheels please get in touch with our experts.

Here is a video link for better explanation:


The Mini chip Container UC-Model

Salesbridges offer a new line of dumping container the Mini chip model ( 150L and 250L ) low height model very handy and practical under low production lines. Heavy duty units with high load capacity up to 600 Kg, commonly used in production line under CNC machines due to it particular square shape and moderate height. 



Optimal tilting, the container avoid accumulation of material in the bottom. It can be operated by a cable from the driver seat of a forklift. Once the load has been emptied to upright the hopper into the fill position we recommend the operator to lower the front edge of the hopper body onto the top lid of the bulk container until the hopper rocks back and the hopper latch pin locks in place. This model can be fitted with wheels as well.

The CW-Model With Rubber Wheel Light model

The CW-Model of Salesbridges is a self-dumping container delivered on rubber wheels. This series is characterized by its safety, versatility and high load capacity up to 600 Kg comes in different size : 250L, 400L, 600L  

Compact, light weight and very handy to use. Usually used when waste needs to be collected and emptied easily. Due to it's maneuverability and relatively small size, it can be used in various location and purpose  and can be emptied by using a forklift. Operated by pulling a cable from the seat of the forklift. This model is ideal for light material like carton board and plastic. Manual closing


Drop bottoms  BB-Model

The container with a bottom that opens is characterized by its safety, versatility and high load and carrying capacity. Is the best way to provide economic logistical support for building sites, green house and Industry. Ideal to commission solids using minimum space. Various volume size are available : 500 L, 750L, 1000L, 1300L, 1500L, 2000L. Can be carried with a crane or forklift and can be equipped with wheels.

Check out the video link

The suspension of the bottom is assisted by tensile springs during emptying.
Complete emptying is carried out by pulling the lever, which allows the bottom to drop open.
-The suspension of the bottom is assisted by tensile springs during emptying. The hinged bottom opens to other side of the forklift, so that emptying can take place without impact on the forklift.
-Container's bottom is closed by an automatic locking mechanism when bin is lowed to the ground
-Can be utilized by forklifts or overhead cranes

For extra safety, the tipping container can be secured with a safety chain on the forklift.

Shovel or scoop

The shovel is an ideal scoop bucket for various loose materials. With a safe and stable unlocking mechanism which can be operated by a pull cord from the driver's seat of a forklift. For extra safety, the shovel can be secured with a safety chain on the forklift. Add the Safety chain and cable set to your order.

This is an ideal mechanical tipping bucket for scoop up for example potatoes, grain, fertilizer, potting soil, sand, gravel, compost, etc. The SBTCSH series shovel bucket is designed from special steel with forward inclination for the most efficient and thorough collect of materials. Made of high-quality steel and finished with powder coating..
The design is simple, robust and very durable. The welded steel construction and reinforced peripheral edge ensure long lifetime. Professionally finished with powdercoating RAL5010.

Shovel Application: potatoes, grain, fertilizer, potting soil, sand, gravel, compost, etc.

Available sizes: 500L, 750L, 1000L

Check out how it functions:



To load your hopper onto your forklift truck spread apart the forklift truck forks to match the forks opening on the base of the hopper, insert the forklift truck forks into the fork opening the fork should never extend beyond the the front of the hopper base, next place the forklift truck in neutral and apply the parking brake .   raise the hopper into a reasonable height from the ground level and tilt the fork all the way back to secure the hopper transport the hopper to the desired location place the forklift truck into neutral and apply the parking brake the operator will now need to place the the open position to allow the trip lever to trip also check the mask's secure chain to make sure it is still secure the operator will then raise the hopper to a safe dumping position. Move the hopper into place and slowly lower the base of the hopper on the top of the container the material is being dumped into with the forklift truck in neutral and the parking brake set. pull with the cord .... once the load has been emptied upright the hopper into the fill position to do this we recommend the operator to use the front lip of the bulk container this can be done by lowering the front nose of the hopper body onto the top lid of the bulk container until the hopper rocks back and the hopper latch pin locks in place. transport the hopper to the desired position to be refilled and with the forklift truck in neutral and the parking brake set lower the hopper to the ground remove the mast chain and check make sure that it is in the closed position the forklift truck can now be fully disengaged from the self dumping hopper and the hopper is now ready to be refilled .


Construction containers for crane use.

Container for building materials. Debris container for collecting, storing and transporting goods of different sizes. Manufactured in accordance with technical documentation that meets the requirements of EU environmental standards. The containers are equipped with hooks for attachment and transport with a crane. Surface of the container is protected against corrosion with powder coating.



Safety and Certification

All in compliance with European norm. with welding certificate... It is manufacture with a high grade steel sheet, made in a precision robotic welding and excellent powder coating blue finishing. These tilting bins are very durable and robust.

Strong easy to operate, all units have pockets for transporting loads and elevated dumping, a release mechanism include a safety latch to prevent accidental dumping and should be used anytime the hopper is not dumping, such as during transit and each hopper includes a safety chain used to keep it secure during transit and dumping by wrapping around the forklift carriage.

Before attempting to empty yourself self-Dumping hopper first ensure the contents de not exceed the maximum weight capacity as labeled on the hopper

An optional hinged lid helps protect contents prior to dumping.



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