Salesbridges Temporary Liquids Storage BagTank from 100 to 7000 cubic meter
Temporary Liquids Storage BagTank from 100 to 7000 cubic meter
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Temporary Liquids Storage BagTank from 100 to 7000 cubic meter

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Bagtank offers you a flexible, foldable and affordable storage system for fluid from 100 to 7000 cubic meter. Bagtank is suitable for industrial applications.

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Product description
BagTank from 100 to 7000 cubic meter
Bagtank is resistant to many kinds of fluid and the effects of UV radiation. Depending on the highest groundwater level, it can be installed partly below surface level. The Bagtank is used in a large number of markets, such as industry, civil engineering and agriculture
The Bagtank is completely prefabricated and can be assembled within 1 or 2 days in an excavation work made by a local contractor. The standard delivery includes the Bagtank with sealable inspection opening, ventilation, a pipeset with valves and all its installation material. Upon request agitating equipment can be supplied as an extra.
The Bagtank is made from a polyester fabric with a high quality plastic layer on both sides. This plastic can resist a wide range of liquids and provides maximum protection against UV radiation. This means it will last a very long time. The strong fabric easily absorbs the mechanical forces that arise inside the  Bagtank during its use. In the design large safety margins are used.
  • Made from a polyester fabric with a high-grade plastic coating applied to both sides.
  • Supplied in a square or rectangular shape
  • Can be used on any flat surface.
  • Inherently suitable for a weak subsoil
  • Sloped sides for easy emptying
  •  Minimal impact on the surrounding landscape
  • Has been awarded quality certificate and warranty certificate.

size and capacity:
Capacity cubic meter W (m) x  L (m)       Capacity cubic meter W (m) x L (m)
200 11.40x8.84   4000 49.96x29.40
300 13.98x10.62   4500 55.10x29.40
400 13.98x13.98   5000 60.24x29.40
500 16.54x13.98   6000 66.0x31.18
600 19.12x13.98   7000 66.0x34.54
700 19.12x16.54   7500 66.50x36.32
800 19.12x18.26      
900 20.90x19.12      
1000 20.90x20.90      
1200 24.26x20.90      
1500 26.04x24.26      
1900 29.40x25.86      
2000 29.40x26.82      
2200 29.40x29.40      
2500 39.68x24.26      
3000 47.38x24.26      
3500 44.82x29.40      
As a standard, the Bagtank features:
• suction/filler pipe
• valves
• spillage container
• air vents
• closable inspection opening
If required, mixing equipment can be supplied along with the Bagtank. Various systems are available for this. Both the design and manufacture are carried out by our team.
This enables us to react to the requirements of any project  efficiently
  • Closed storage system, square or rectangular with a V-shaped bottom.
  • Needs to be installed in a groundwork, which is partly excavated below ground level.
  • Made of a two sides coated polyester fabric, membrane PES-PVC RM2
    ( 1100 gr/m², 0,9 mm., 4000 N/50 mm.) material certified by KIWA (K 5111).
  • All seams are High Frequency welded.
  • Production plant certified by KIWA (K 5114).
  • Bagtank certified by KIWA (K 2448)
  • Employees are VCA certified
  • The upper part of the BAGTANK is tensioned by a flexible anchoring system.
  •  Ventilation tubes (4-8) on top.
  • Central inspection opening Ø 155 cm.
  • Pipe set: pipes PVC Ø 200 mm. at the end reduced till Ø 160 mm, safety-valve Ø 200 mm,
    valve block with spill drum. Standard connection 6” Perrot KKV.
  • Incl. drawing for excavation works.
  • Incl. protection material (PE woven fabric 5 m. wide) to cover the dike slope.
  • Bagtanks bigger than 2200 m3 have 2 pipe sets, 2 inspection-openings and need (if necessary)
    2 foundation sets and 2 agitator sets.
  • Bagtanks bigger than 3500 m3 have 2 pipe sets, 3 inspection-openings and need (if necessary)
    3 foundation sets and 3 agitator sets.
  • For storage of digestate it is advised to use a separator.
3 years*; when used accordingly to the manual.
(quotation upon request)

Made in the EU
Product information
Brand Salesbridges
Article code SBBTANK
EAN 9504686962290
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