Salesbridges Steel Mold  for Concrete Block large studs -Basic
Steel Mold for Concrete Block large studs -Basic
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Steel Mold for Concrete Block large studs -Basic

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Versatile molds for concrete blocks. With the molds you can make interlocking concrete blocks. Form system makes building concrete retaining walls easier than ever.

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Steel Mold for Concrete Block Casting Large studs -Basic
Steel molds for precast concrete blocks.
Standard concrete block molds make building concrete retaining walls easier than ever. Concrete can be processed into all possible shapes and sizes.  With the molds from Salesbridges you can make optimal use of this. you can make interlocking concrete blocks: 'lego style', stackable building materials. Perfect for both temporary and permanent constructions, you can make the concrete blocks you need in no time. Simply make the required concrete blocks, exactly at the location where they are needed.
 The quality of the concrete, together with the dimensions and weight of the poured concrete block determine the use and the desired application. With heavier blocks one can build higher and these are extremely suitable for, for example, retaining walls in the construction recycling, agricultural sector and even for wave breaking on coast 
  • Mold Made of of pure, powder-coated, hardened, high-quality steel. 
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Molds for blocks made of concrete with large studs in available in different basic sizes
  • Sizes (L x W x H cm) : ( 160  x 40/80  x 40/80  cm) , (240 x 80 x 80 cm)
  • Standard size molds can produce multiple sizes or different shapes blocks, thanks to the diversity in moveable dividers. This reduces the necessity to buy several molds
  • Concrete can now easily be shaped on location into exactly the blocks you need, which saves a lot on transport costs.
  • The concrete blocks made are ideally stackable due to the studs and recesses that you can process in the blocks with our molds.
  • Solution for excess concrete materials, molds are not only suitable for new concrete, but also for the processing of residual concrete. This creates a marketable product from residual products - even concrete rubble granulate - that would otherwise be relegated to waste mountain. 
  • Divider :Handy partial walls, to make smaller concrete blocks (max 4 concrete blocks) or blocks in a different shape with one mold. Very easy to install
  • Top plate: to have a flat top and a smooth finishing it can be placed over the recesses in the mold before pouring
  • Oil pump: A full tank 24L Capacity,  pressurized once with a compressor between 6 to 8 bar, allowing multiple molds to be oiled without manual pumping until the tank is empty
  • Vibrating poker :vibrating needle lightweight machine (approx. 6 Kg, including a vibrating needle of 1 meter), Powerful flail vibration system provides 12,000 vibrations per minute. Together with the large amplitude, this ensures perfect concrete compaction. Rubber hose with braided steel belt and spring steel spiral: wear-resistant and oil and chemical resistant.
  • For moving and stacking the blocks:
    • A lifting yoke for a forklift, to keep the concrete Lego block stable during hoisting and to prevent swinging out.
    • The concrete block clamp is mainly intended to build walls, so to stack. You place a concrete Lego block on the tilter to tilt it in the correct position.
  1. First, Choose the right mold and place a partial wall if you want to make a quarter, half or three-quarter concrete block from a standard concrete block mold.
  2. Place the empty mold on a leveled surface, for example a steel plate.
  3. Apply mold oil (release agent) to the inside of the mold in order to release the mold from the block easier. SalesBridges provides extra robust oil pump version with a tank capacity of 24 liters. . 
  4. The concrete must be poured gradually to ensure proper filling of the interlocks.
  5. At the same time, you need to vibrate the concrete by use of an electric/pneumatic vibrating poker to ensure homogeneous compaction of the concrete. 
  6. After the concrete has been leveled off, the mold is cleaned for longevity purposes and then the concrete is smoothed again using a concrete float.
  7. Curing time depends on the concrete and the conditions. After curing, remove pins and wedges and open the mold. The concrete  block can be turned into the right position and is then ready for use and the mold is ready to make the next block.
Durable, thanks to the special attention to the finishing of the products, and the better production processes. Need less maintenance and are less subject to wear. At the production site, the choice for Trumpf laser-, punching- and bending machines was evident, Welding robots ensure a constant, high quality of every mold. They make for the most accurate production process to ensure we meet high quality standards.
We deliver a product that excels in terms of (cost) efficiency, flexibility and simplicity in use.
Includes set of forklift cut-out profiles.
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