Pallet racks

Pallet rack is a common name for the universal design of racks with a high load capacity (up to 21 tons per frame) used for storing commodities on pallets. These include mezzanines, drive-in, warehouse and front racks. Pallet racks are used in warehouses


  • Pallet racks are made of vertical frames and horizontal The frame is a structure of two uprights connected with the help of bracings. Depending on the weight and dimensions of goods, racks of various widths are applied - SR- 70, SR-90, SR-110. The rack type determines the bearing capacity of the frame.
  • High rack strength at low weight is achieved by using an open perforated profile of complex shape with a large number of strengthening Mounting holes in the frontal part of the racks are arranged with a pitch of 50 mm and are used for fastening horizontal traverses at hitches. This prefabricated structure allows fora quick alteration of distance between tiers
  • A traverse is a horizontal  beam with hitches, which is hang on mounting holes  in the  Each  rack tier is formed with the help of two traverses. Depending on the length of the traverse, one can place two to four EUR or FIN pallets.
  • Six types of traverses of different shape, weight, carrying capacity and intended use have been developed.
  • Traverses of two C-shaped profiles, nested one in another, are often used for storage on pallets. The bearing capacity of such a traverse depends on the profile Wide range of sizes allows selection of the best option based on the traverse load capacity.
  • To improve the functionality of racks manufactured, we have developed piped, 1-shaped and z- profile-based traverse. The type of traverse is selected considering the racking system operation conditions, planned loads and physical parameters of the cargo.
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